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First Class Dancewear NQ

First Class Dancewear NQ was established in 2005 and caters to all forms of dance.
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Belly Dancing
Do you have belly dancing in the afternoon or even weekend's? HOW MUTCH COST THE LESSON?

Pole Dancing in Caboolture
Just quick couple of questions does anyone teach pole dancing lessons in caboolture? And is 54 too old? I want to get fit and healthy hoping you can help.

Dance Shoes
My girls ages 13 and 14 seem to go through their dance shoes very quickly, too quickly. So, I am trying to source some good quality shoes which might last a bit longer, anybody got any experience or suggestions regarding the best place to buy them?

Dance Classes Sydney CBD
I work in the Sydney CBD and would like to do a dance class after work (after 5.30pm). Where is there somewhere that an uber-beginner can go to learn from the basics up?

I Need To Learn To Dance
I need to learn to dance so I stop feeling so uncordinated when I am forced to dance at parties and weddings. Please help, I'll never find a woman if I don't find my rhythm on the dance floor!

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Pole Dancing
more fun than the gym!

Physical benefits of pole dancing include an increase in upper body strength and arm tone, an increase in core stability (and a flatter stomach) as well as an increase in coordination and flexibility. Click to learn more about Pole Dancing Classes in Sydney!

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