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How Many Lessons Do You Need To Learn A Basic Waltz

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How many lessons do you need to learn a basic waltz?

Asking how many lessons you\'d need to learn a basic waltz is a little bit like asking \'how long is a piece of string\', because of varying factors from person to person.

The first most obvious consideration is the individuals and couples abilities, some people learn quicker than others, some couples are evenly matched in ability and some are vastly different. Some couples learn the steps quickly but have trouble dancing them together, some have trouble working out their left foot from their right, some can\'t hear the beat of the music and can\'t step in time to it. There are many variables that make each individual and each couple different to teach.

Then there\'s the matter of different perceptions, to a professional or even a trained dancer, a basic waltz consists of a selection of a few steps that are standardly taught in the ballroom dance profession at beginners level. However, those same steps could also be viewed as an advanced dance by a non-dancer or complete beginner.

And then there\'s the matter of viewpoint which is very individual. Opinions of a dance can be compared to that of an abstract painting, everyone sees it differently and interprets it in their own way. To one person a basic waltz might mean the actual \'basic\' step of the waltz, (a step consisting of three footsteps than can move forwards or backwards) and not much more, and to another person is might mean a combinations of three or four different steps with a twirl and a dip.

One person\'s picture of a basic waltz might be that they can manage to do one or two steps just well enough to at least look like the waltz and another person pictures themselves gliding and floating elegantly around the dance floor in their partners arms.

Until you actually have a dance lesson and get started on the basics and also convey your \'picture\' of a \'basic waltz\' to the teacher, no-one can accurately advise you how many lessons you would need.

Having said that however, it is reasonable to say that most couples can learn at least a couple of steps and how to dance them together in three lessons. Some couples can learn a whole simple dance in three lessons, some get halfway towards what they want and for some it\'s just a start.

Given that most couples want to look smooth and natural for their bridal waltz and want to look like they know what they are doing, it\'s more advisable to budget for five lessons for a basic dance because it definitely gets a better result in terms of a smoother and more natural looking outcome.

For all the reasons I\'ve mentioned above it\'s very hard to give advice when you\'ve not yet had any dance lessons. Learning the waltz will be different to what you expect because the technique and the things you have to do to dance together with a partner are not obvious. As a beginner, what you see when you see people dancing the waltz are coordinated footsteps danced in each other\'s arms, but all the things that it takes to be able to do this smoothly are the things you don\'t see and these are the things you really want to know how to do for your bridal waltz to look great.

The lessons are also different to what you may expect because you will find them to be much more fun than you expect and to many couples their dancing lessons are the best fun they have together in their wedding preparations.

So whilst no-one can say exactly how many lessons you\'d need to learn your basic waltz until you have a first lesson, I do hope that at least I\'ve given you a bit of a broad idea about it.

Julie Tremp, Principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

About The Author:

Julie is the principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney and teaches hundreds of couples their Wedding Dance each year. She has danced since the age of 3, studying formal ballet & theatrical dance in her youth and all styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing in latter years. She has performed, choreographed and taught professionally most of her adult life. She has taught for dance studios in Australia and Europe, schools & colleges in Australia and is a lecturer, teacher and adjudicator for the Dance Council of Australia.

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