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I love to dance but I am over

I love to dance but I am over 70


I love to dance but I am over 70 and live in Melbourne. Does anybody run a dance class for people my age?

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Hi there, Try our adults classes @ Artz Collective! We have a Tuesday night class with mostly ladies over 30, and there are grandmothers and mothers in there too. Mondays & Tuesdays Burlesque is popular amongst the older age groups as is Latin Dance & Ballroom @ 8pm. We're about participation & fun for our adult students! Cheers, Miss Ziggy @ Artz Collective

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Hi, Alegria Dance Centre are in Cheltenham and run a variety of dance classes for adults and mature adults :-) On our website is a class timetable, you can choose from a beginners dance class with Ballroom & Latin, a Salsa Class and even a Social Dance Class we offer on a fortnightly basis. A lot of our clients are 50+ and we have a few clients in their 70's. Hope this helps!

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